Dean's Word





Dean's Word



I am pleased to welcome all of you at the Faculty of Dentistry in Al-Rass, Al-Qassim University. I am honored to serve as the Dean of this institution. The college is located in the city of Al-Rass, which is about 90 km away from the main campus.


Our mission is provide a high quality education to graduate competent through a curriculum founded on  problem-based learning (PBL), which is complemented by considerable emphasis on clinical competence in primary oral health care based on appropriate, prioritized and scientifically acceptable treatment methods. It also offers lectures, presentations, simulations, audio and video and e-learning opportunities. To compliment this, the dental clinics are equipped with modern dental chairs, cutting edge diagnostic gadgets and top class oral health care facilities. The college prides itself in having highly competent oral health professionals who are also erudite and dedicated teachers. The support staff are efficient and friendly.


Research and innovation are the core of academics and health care. The college has unique advantage of engaging in collaborative research with medical, engineering, life sciences and other colleges in the campus.


We are committed to community service. We organize regular school dental health checkups and out-reach dental camps thus taking dental care to the door steps of the needy.


When you review our mission statement and vision, you will realize that we have distinct aspirations. These ambitions, together with a strong strategic plan, help us achieve our goal of becoming a highly quality dental education program.


I invite you to explore our website, and learn more about our College. The Dental College in Al-Rass has a bright future. Hopefully, you will discover that you want to become a part of our future as well.

11:09 AM