ArRass Dental College Mission, Vision, College Values & Objectives


Provide high quality education to graduate competent dentists who are capable of self-learning, critical thinking, problem solving to meet the needs of the labor market, performing applied research, offering quality community services and strengthening national partnership in accordance to Islamic values.


To be a nationally distinguished college in quality education, community services and dental research


College Values

In the light of commitment to Islamic values, Alrass Dental College believes in the following values:

  • Justice: We seek to achieve the elements of justice and equal opportunities and fairness in dealing with everyone.
  • Honesty: We work sincerely and adhere to professional ethics.
  • Transparency: We commit to disclose transactions and procedures and support accountability and integrity requirements.
  • Quality: The application of the highest quality standards in all works to distinguish our outputs and services.
  • Innovation: The College creates an organizational climate that stimulates creative thinking and innovative behavior.
  • Teamwork: The College fosters a culture of teamwork in thinking and behavior.
  • Scientific Freedom: The College encourages exploratory scientific practices, openness and interaction with others.



First: Educational objectives

1.     Excellence in education, through graduates with the skills, values and knowledge.

2.     Raise the merit and competitiveness of students through self-learning, critical thinking and problem solving.


Second: Research Objectives

3.     Perform scientific research to address oral and dental health problems in the community and to create an integrated platform of basic and clinical research.


Third: Community Service objectives

4.     Promote oral health awareness and provide quality health services to the community.

5.     Fostering partnerships with local and national community institutions.


Fourth: Environment and Values

6.     Achieve equity and professional ethics in all interactions in accordance with the highest standards.

8.     Create a conducive environment that stimulates creative thinking and innovative behavior.


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